Thursday, February 12, 2009

Fashion Forward

Breaking into the fashion industry is proving to be slightly difficult, but definitely doable. I've been researching a lot of designers and have fallen head over heels for Diane von Furstenberg, Bruce, Boy, Custo Barcelona, Christian Lacroix,Valentino, Oscae de La Renta, Dior (couture. SEXY), and the list goes on. I contacted yet another lucky group of employers hoping to get something going and I got an interview with Teen Vogue this Wednesday in the wee hours of the morning. We'll see how that goes. GASP. I just saw Carolina Herrera's line from 2007 and my heart stopped when I saw these beautiful long smooth pants that stupidly mistook as a skirt. Fast forward to 0:28... or you know hold your horses for 28 seconds.

Ummm... can we talk about this:

Listen Robert, I know that's like your look or something, but I think it's time to let the glasses go. Zac Posen, you betta werrk.

Alice Roi. So good!

I read some unfortunate news at about Rachel Zoe and how she trademarked "bananas" and "I die." Well, some designer (inspired by her supposedly) made some tshirts with her memorable quotes on it and now he's getting sued!

read more about it here:

NUTS! But I still love Rachel Zoe <3

Marc Jacobs is pretty cool too I guess... ha

I can't wait to get all tied up in petty arguments and grand scaled frivolity, and look fierce while doing it...

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