Saturday, March 7, 2009

90s: Sleek or Bleak?

It's really nice out. However, I am trapped in the dark dank space of the Olde doing homework. Surprisingly, I don't mind. It's going to be great getting some work done. For a while, I haven't really felt motivated to do anything, but today I am excited about writing and researching.

I've noticed myself developing a sense of style that is reminiscent of the 80s and 90s, which is weird considering my incredible aversion to anything 90s. What a repulsive time in fashion. I don't know who wants to fight me on that, but I must say when looking at movies and TV the 90s style never ceased from activating my up chuck reflexes. Ugh, all I could think about is neon tight dresses. HOWEVER, I forgot where I was going with that. I got carried away and started contradicting myself- foolish! What I mean to say is that the 90s actually wasn't that bad in fashion. I was just basing my very harsh idea of 90s fashion on cheesy, horrible 90s rap videos. Girls in those videos wore the most hideous clothes I could ever hope to imagine. Ill-fitting, short, cheap, just nasty. Video hos have since stepped up their game. Classier sexual objects. These girls will not be seen without louie vuitton thongs on. Thank goodness.

Hey remember this?!

This whole post totally didn't turn out the way I planned...

Anyway, I have to get back to work- and no I do not condone videohoetry.

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